Automation Substation Scope within the Smart Grid system is one of the important components. The Substation Automation Test and Commissioning will be the first step to get a good performance of Power Distribution. We are here to help your substation automation system project, whether it is about Commissioning tests, Troubleshooting systems, or Upgrading systems. Our work focus on the Substation Automation System project from Siemens & ABB. Here are the Substation Automation Services:

Automation Services Commissioning

Automation Services: Commissioning

Substation Automation System Commissioning Test Service

Automation Services: Troubleshooting

Automation Services: Troubleshooting

Substation Automation System Troubleshooting Service

Automation Services: Upgrading

Automation Services: Upgrading

Substation Automation System Upgrading, Upgrading from the old system

The last project that I worked on: Upgrading Siemens Substation Automation System in Paiton Unit 3, East Java. This is my documentation while surveying onsite Paiton Unit 3, East Java (2019) from Siemens Customer Service. I am also working on the implementation of the Automatic Generation Control Test between DCS Paiton Unit-3 and Java Control Center.

Finally, after the survey and preparation for the outage (about 1 year of preparation). The Upgrading Project of the Substation Automation System finally finishes in September 2021. Thank you to everyone who has been working hard with great teamwork during the commissioning test.

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