Reyrolle IED direct connection to SICAM SCC

Reyrolle IED direct connection to SICAM SCC, -This is a project in 2018 in that I have been involved, retrofitting the old Protection Device into Reyrolle IED. See the picture below: It is about 140 IEDs that are connected to SICAM SCC. This is one of the Sample SICAM SCC Applications without SICAM PAS on […]

Substation Automation Time Synchro

During the operational time, Time Synchro for the IEDs within the Substation Automation System is an important aspect to consider. Why? Because the event log of the alarm system will have different logging times. This can make you confused because of the different timekeeping between Local and SCADA. Siemens Here is the sample of Synchro […]

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