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How to Fix HOPF GPS 7273 Software Error


How to Fix HOPF GPS 7273 Software Error, -I have some cases with the HOPF NTP Device, thanks for the support from HOPF that suggests steps update to fix. HOPF NTP is one of the best NTP Devices that I have seen in recent work.

How to Fix HOPF GPS 7273 Software Error

NTP devices will be one of the most important devices in the substation automation systems because time sync will be the reference for the events. All of the IEDs and the Software need to get the same time reference to get the same time event in the logging system.

HOPF Elektronik GmbH was founded in 1972 and is your reliable and competent partner in the field of time synchronization. For more than 40 years HOPF Elektronik GmbH has been developing, manufacturing, and selling highly-precise time reference systems. Our innovative “Made-in-Germany”-products are used by well-known companies across the globe to implement highly-precise signals for the synchronization and time stamping of industrial applications, computer networks, industrial networks or to successfully run complex industrial projects.


How to Fix HOPF GPS? Preparation: What do you need?

How to Fix HOPF GPS? Preparation
How to Fix HOPF GPS? Preparation
  1. USB Flash Drive
  2. HOPF 7273 File Update

After finishing prepare the USB drive for updating and follow the next steps.

Steps to Fix:

  1. Power Off the GPS
  2. Insert a USB drive (USB Drive that you have prepared for update)
  3. Turn On GPS
  4. Wait until the LED Blinking

That is all about the steps in updating HOPF GPS, have you ever gotten the same problem? If you are interested in PLC and DCS you can follow ABB Freelance DCS