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How to Set Time Synchronization Siprotec 5 Using Port E (SNTP)? Easy way to synchro time

How to Set Time Synchronization Siprotec 5 Using Port E (SNTP) Easy way to synchro time

How to Set Time Synchronization Siprotec 5 using port E? Every SIPROTEC 5 device maintains an internal device time with a date. Within a system, or even beyond, it is necessary to record the time of process data accurately and to have exact time synchronization of all devices. You can meet this requirement using parent, and external time sources.

Having synchronized time is crucial when it comes to analyzing events and troubleshooting issues within the system. Imagine a situation where you’re reviewing the event log of the alarm system, and you notice that the timestamps are inconsistent. This discrepancy can lead to confusion and make it difficult to pinpoint the sequence of events accurately. That is the reason, you need to make sure that your device time is all synchronized to the Server Network Time Protocol.

Time Synchronization Siprotec 5 Using Port E Illustration

About Time Synchronization

Ensuring consistent and accurate time synchronization is of utmost importance within a Substation Automation System (SAS). One vital aspect to consider is the log time of alarms across various components such as Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs), the server, Human Machine Interface (HMI), and the SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system.

To achieve seamless coordination and avoid any discrepancies, the log time must remain consistent throughout the entire system. This uniformity guarantees that alarms are logged correctly and can facilitate efficient analysis and troubleshooting.

During the commissioning test phase, it is advisable to thoroughly verify that all IEDs and other devices within the Substation Automation Systems have been properly configured with SNTP (Simple Network Time Protocol). SNTP ensures time synchronization by allowing devices to receive accurate time updates from a reliable time source.

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Time synchronization is one of the keys to getting the real-time monitoring system, so this is very important to consider while configuring the IED Device. Have you ever tried setting up an IED SNTP?

Now, every IED needs to get a time server, just like the Siprotec5 IED from Siemens. You can follow these tutorials to set up the NTP Server.

How to Set Time Synchronization Siprotec 5 Using Port E

How to Set Time Synchronization Siprotec 5 Using Port E

How to Set Time Synchronization Siprotec 5 Using Port E (SNTP)?

Siprotec 5 Time Synchronization

SIPROTEC 5 allows you to select 2-time sources independent of each other for each device. In doing so, time source 1 has priority over time source 2, for example, time source 2 is effective for synchronization of the device time only if time source 1 fails. If only a one-time source is configured, the SIPROTEC 5 device will continue, whose outage desynchronizes the internal time.

Total Time: 1 hour

Hardware and Protocols >> SNTP Settings

Activate the SNTP Protocols Settings

Hardware and Protocols >> SNTP IP

write down the IP address of the designated NTP IP Address

Load Configuration to the Siprotec5 Device

you can load the configuration over ethernet or the usb port.


after uploading settings to the device, you can wait 1-5 minutes then check the date & time on the siprotec5 device.

That is all a few steps to synch time of your siprotec5 device, you can check how to upgrade/downgrade siprotec5 firmware if you want to. After all, what do you think? These are very easy steps to setting NTP for time synchronization.

When the time synchronization fails: If the synch time fails, it could be a problem when we need to check the time event for the record time event. It means we will have no matching time between the local records from IED, HMI, and SCADA. That is the reason we need to check whether the device parameterization from the time sync setting is correct. If you want to know more about time synchronization, you can follow this link from Meinberg’s official site as the trusted manufacturer of SNTP device.

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