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SICAM PAS System Components What are they?

SICAM PAS System Components what are they

SICAM PAS System Components What are they? During the engineering process of the configuration of Siemens substation automation system, you might need to know about the SICAM PAS system components. Within a simple process using SICAM PAS, you can configure the Power Automation System within the Substation.

SICAM PAS System Components

What are they? the SICAM PAS System Components

SICAM PAS UI – Configuration

SICAM PAS UI – Configuration

The SICAM PAS UI – Configuration system component supports you in the following tasks:

  • Configuration and parameterization of your station
  • Exchange of configuration data

In the different views, you can specify the type and the transmission modes of your communication links.
Additionally, you can define which devices, substations, control centers or HMIs are connected.
In addition, for each connected component you select which information is evaluated in SICAM PAS.

You define which information must be available for communication with higher-level control centers and for system management via SICAM SCC. SICAM Diamond does not need to be explicitly selected.
Furthermore, you configure SNMP Ethernet network monitoring and certificate-secured data transmission for the DNP 3.0i and IEC 60870-5-104 protocols.

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You can individually structure your station data in a topological view in order to emulate your operating
conditions. A predefined device- and project-specific device description enables you to configure your station conveniently within a short period of time. Import and export functions support you in the setting of parameter values and provide for reduced error rates (compared to multiple inputs).

Through the assignment of specific user rights for the operating personnel, the User Administration tool
provides for secure data access during configuration, operation and system management.
Redundant system components prevent data loss. In the case of interruption of a communication link, the
redundant component takes over the process connection.

To determine the network quality, additional functions have been integrated. These functions enable the archiving and evaluation of PQ measuring data and support the data exchange via import and export functions. You can define to be notified by e-mail and/or SMS on selected operational events such as the arrival of a fault record.

SICAM PAS UI – Operation

SICAM PAS UI Operation

SICAM PAS UI – Operation provides you with a brief overview of the operational status of your station
components. Update functions ensure that the display is always up to date. Furthermore, you can enable, disable or switch over individual components such as interfaces or devices, or set bay and telecontrol blocks. The diagnostic function supports you in the analysis of pending faults.

SICAM PAS Value Viewer

SICAM PAS Value Viewer

If the communication links have been established properly, the SICAM PAS Value Viewer displays information on the selected device or substation. Within the framework of commissioning, for example, you can use this information view in order to test data links and to check whether an interface or a device actually transmits correct values. Detailed time stamps provide information on the reliability of values.
For test purposes, you can also initiate password-protected command outputs or manually update information.

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SICAM PAS – Automation (SoftPLC)

In order to perform project-specific automation tasks in SICAM PAS, you can graphically link automation blocks (CFC blocks) or even define the automation function as Structured Text (ST), via the Statement List (STL) or using the Sequential Function Chart (SFC).

SICAM PAS – Automation (SoftPLC)

A comprehensive library of different automation blocks supports you in performing your tasks. These blocks have been specifically designed to provide sophisticated solutions in the field of power automation.

SICAM PAS User Administration

Via the User Administration tool, you can assign passwords in order to define which persons can access individual system areas. To this end, you assign different user roles, such as administrator, parameterization engineer or operating personnel. If the control center connection is implemented via DNP 3.0i, you can assign each command to a specialist who has the switching authority required.
For access authorization, you can either use Windows access rights or define your own SICAM PAS access

SICAM PAS Feature Enabler

SICAM PAS is designed as an open, modular system whose components can be individually selected.
Using the Feature Enabler, you can enable all the functions which you’re require on your computer.
The following items are referred to as functions:

  • Communication protocols
  • SICAM PAS UI – Configuration system
  • Automation function
  • SICAM SCC and SICAM Diamond Human-Machine Interfaces
  • Security functionality
  • SNMP Ethernet monitoring
  • OPC connections
  • Power Quality functions

SICAM SCC – Human-Machine Interface (HMI)

The SICAM SCC Human-Machine Interface (HMI) assists you in monitoring and controlling your station.
SICAM SCC comprises:

  • the SIMATIC WinCC process visualization system
  • the SICAM SCC components.

SIMATIC WinCC provides standard function modules for graphical representations, for the topological coloring of connected network sections, for controlling, manual updating, archiving and logging.
Based on its powerful process interface, fast display refresh rates and safe data archiving functions, the system ensures a high degree of availability.

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SICAM SCC components complement the standard functions by system management-specific features and convenient functions for user interface configuration and parameterization.
SICAM SCC components include:

  • the SICAM PAS Wizard
  • This sophisticated wizard supports you in creating a new SCC project or in updating an existing project.
  • the SICAM PAS graphic object library This library includes e.g. objects for the representation of switching devices, measured and metered values and control elements.
  • Switching device objects Based on IndustrialX Controls, these objects provide for the dynamic representation of your system. Status and state displays, sequences of switching actions, etc. are realized by means of these objects.
  • SICAM SCC Alarm Logging – Alarm Lists for the display of alarms in correct chronological order. Incoming indications are logged in alarm lists with
  • the absolute time stamps created in bay devices or substations. The time stamp and the state are complemented by additional information, such as the cause, event source, status information, protection times, etc.

SIMATIC WinCC, and thus SICAM SCC, can be configured as client/server system. This enables you to operate and monitor large stations efficiently. On the clients, you can display and operate station or overview diagrams of one or several WinCC servers. The SICAM SCC operating system can be structured redundantly for enhanced availability.

SICAM Valpro

SICAM Valpro is an optional component for the graphical or tabular evaluation of measured and metered values from the SICAM SCC archiving system.

SICAM Diamond

The SICAM Diamond web application visualizes SICAM PAS information in various different views, such as the process image or the event list. Additionally, control actions can be performed via the control image or Single Line Diagrams. SICAM Diamond accesses information exported from SICAM PAS UI – Configuration. The data transmission between SICAM PAS and SICAM Diamond is secured by means of an encryption procedure. The User Administration tool also enhances security during system operation.

SICAM PQ Analyzer Incident Explorer

The Incident Explorer is an independently used sub-component of the SICAM PQ Analyzer. It serves for fault record and PDR report evaluation in SICAM PAS. Fault records are analyzed using the COMTRADE Viewer evaluation routine. If your system is equipped with the SIGRA fault record evaluation routine, this routine can also be used for fault record evaluation.

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PDR reports can be analyzed using the PDR Viewer evaluation routine. The export function enables the export of fault records. To this end, you can adapt the recording frequency and the COMTRADE export format (Common Format for Transient Data Exchange) to the requirements of your evaluation program.

Version Scan

SICAM PAS Version Scan

The Version Scan provides you with an overview of the version and storage location of the products installed and their lower-level system components, e.g. SICAM PAS UI – Configuration. The information supports you in checking the system consistency and determining the causes of problems.

The following products are evaluated:

  • SICAM Diamond
  • SICAM PQ Analyzer