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Siprotec-5 Update Mode (Device Firmware Update) You Should Know

Siprotec-5 Update Mode, –Siprotec 5 is the next generation of Siprotec 4 from Siemens. This is one of the best Intelligent Electronic Devices that has the feature of flexibility to update.

The flexible module will improve the application update for the future plan when you need to extend your substation automation system. You can also upgrade or change the communication module on Siprotec-5 if you need it.

Siprotec-5 Update Mode
Siprotec-5 Update Mode (Update System)

This is one of the best features of SIPROTEC-5 and you can have a flexible upgrade on hardware and also by software. Well, if there is something wrong with your Siprotec 5 device, you can try to re-initialize the device, or you can try updating the device module firmware using the latest update.

Here are the steps before you update Siprotec 5 that you might need to do and consider:

  • The first time a problem occurs, you might need to know what is the reason for the trouble on the Siprotec 5 device. If there is nothing serious problem, restarting Siprotec 5 would be enough to fix the problem.
  • If you have tried to restart the Siprotec 5, and the problem still occurs, you can try to re-initialize the Siprotec 5 device using the latest file project (Digsi 5 Project) within the Engineering Laptop.
  • The last, If you have re-initialized Siprotec 5 and the problem still running, you can try to download the latest firmware update for the device. Please note that every device of Siprotec 5 has its own special firmware. Make sure you have chosen the right firmware version for the device that you have on-site.

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Siprotec-5 Update Mode

Siprotec-5 IED Siemens Overcurrent Protection

However, to update the Siprotec-5 device you will need the latest backup project that you have built before using SIEMENS Digsi 5 software. Why? Because you can use the latest Device Settings from the latest Digsi 5 project without configuring the Siprotec 5 from the beginning.

Back to the feature modular design on Siprotec 5

Can I have an additional module on Siprotec 5?

Yes, you can as long as you have the right configuration for your Siprotec-5 device.

feature modular design on Siprotec 5
Siemens IED Siprotec 5 Module

The modular design will help you easily get the additional IO module when you needed within the old system. But, there are some steps that you need to consider before you do the work of updating the Siprotec 5.

First, make sure you have checked the new design system that makes you need to update the Siprotec 5 configuration.

Second, the new hardware configuration of the Siprotec 5 device will affect the device configuration within Digsi 5 Project. Make sure you have updated the device within the Digsi 5 Project before you do the work.

Here is a sample of the Siprotec 5 problem Update Device in Progress:

Siprotec 5 Update Device


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