SIEMENS SICAM PAS System Overview, -The SICAM PAS Power Automation System provides innovative solutions for the most diverse tasks in spatially distributed information systems. The system is equally suitable for use in the substations of electric utility companies as in industrial plants. SICAM PAS has been designed as a modular, open system, which complies with […]

Super Powered Gardening

GISTET Tambun-2 Siemens Substation Training

GISTET Tambun-2 Siemens Substation Training: Siemens Substation Training: Bay Level Training Station Level Training Bay Level Training: SIPROTEC 5 Overview Bay Control Unit Dummy Configuring Bay Control Unit 6MD85 Assign Binary Input/Output CFC Configure IEC 61850 Station Level Training: SICAM PAS Configuration SICAM SCC Configuration SIMATIC WinCC COnfiguration Read Also: Cirebon Power Siemens Training Sumbagut […]

Upgrading Substation Automation System Paiton Unit-3

Upgrading Substation Automation System Paiton Unit-3 Paiton Unit-3 is operated by PT. POMI, The Siemens Substation Automation System has been running for about 10 years. 2020 during the outage periods of Unit-2 Paiton we are running for Upgrading the Siemens Substation Automation System. The item list of upgrading the system: SIMATIC Rack PC New SIMATIC […]

The benefit of using RTU SICAM A8000

The benefit of using RTU SICAM A8000 High Performing With the Siemens SICAM A8000 Series, you can implement different applications, depending on the requirements: telecontrol applications and automation solutions. Evidently, all applications can be combined with each other. The devices of the SICAM A8000 Series are universally usable. They are suitable for electrical distribution substations, […]

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