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SICAM PAS Application Performance on Substation Automation


SICAM PAS Application Performance, -Today, I want to share that in recent years I have been working on Substation Automation System Commissioning & troubleshooting. I have been working on this work since 2017, Now I have been a Freelance Substation Automation Engineer since last year. This is a special case of my experience while I was working as a regular Substation Automation Engineer. Okay, Let’s talk about the topic.

SICAM PAS Application Performance

SICAM PAS Application Performance on Substation Automation
SICAM PAS Application Performance on Substation Automation System

First, there is much available software for Power Automation Distribution systems in the market, but when it comes to the high flexibility system you might consider using SICAM PAS. I am talking about the specific software that is designed for Substation Automation systems like SYS600 (ABB), iFix (GE), etc. However, when your system needs some communication protocol, then you might need to know that SICAM PAS has many options for communication protocols.

The IEC-61850 protocol is a standard protocol for substation automation systems, while you might need to communicate with SCADA and DCS from the Power Source. This is the protocol that is used to communicate IEDs (like SIPROTEC-5) with the Substation Automation System Software like SICAM PAS.

The last project that I have been working on is about upgrading the Substation Automation System (Hardware and software) in Paiton Unit 3. The Siemens Substation Automation system has been live for about 8-10 years since 2011, which is a quite good and stable performance although the last condition on-site not perfectly working on the redundancy system.

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SICAM PAS Software Update


Siemens has been developing SICAM PAS since the beginning as special software for the Substation Automation System. SICAM PAS Update software is now available for V8.18, which you can download from the siemens support industry. Every update of SICAM PAS software is a way to get maximum performance during the live monitoring system. The process of upgrading/updating SICAM PAS is easy, but it needs special preparation when your system is live.

SICAM PAS Redundancy

SICAM PAS Redundancy
SICAM PAS Redundancy

A redundant system is standard protection while operating Power Distribution, that is the reason SICAM PAS has a feature. The main aim of a redundancy system is to back up the system when the main system is down. It is a good feature to get the best result while your system is live, the backup will automatically run after the main system is in downtime.

What problems often occur in SICAM PAS?

What problems often occur in SICAM PAS?

The biggest problem that I have seen with the SICAM PAS Application is from the power source of the Industrial PC hardware like the SIMATIC IPC. The unstable voltage or power source will be the most common reason for the system downtime. make sure you have a good power source and also have backup power that is ready to change the main power source when it is lost.

The other problem that causes SICAM PAS to fail to operate is the Network, Make sure your system has a good Topology Network condition.

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Finally, that is all about the SICAM PAS Application Performance in my view based on my experience. Thank you.